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US News & World Report's Top Retirement Destinations:

  #1.  Mexico
  #2.  France
  #3.  Ecuador

Our favorite Baja town: Los Barriles
​Los Barriles has been named by Money Magazine as the third most desirable place
to retire -- in the world.  After traveling  the globe, this little Baja town is our number one choice for vacation and retirement.
If you have any questions about living in Baja or buying property in Los Barriles
Answering all your questions about buying, building and living in Baja
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Our Story:
14 years ago we decided we would like to try living in Mexico.  We had been going there for years as tourists and thought that living there would be great. We looked all around Mexico and decided that Los Barriles in Baja was the best town for us.

We told ourselves we would give it 6 months, and if we didn't like it we could move back to San Francisco. 14 years later, we are still here, and we feel that moving to Mexico was one of the best things we have ever done. 

Our goal is to help you decide if you'd like to move to here, and to answer questions you have about moving to Baja.​  John & Camilla Ford.

Why is Baja #1 for retirement?

  • 50% cheaper than US or Canada
  • Safer than most US or Canadian cities
  • Great weather
  • World class medical care
  • Close to the US and Canada
  • Amazing fishing
  • Exotic
  • Internet, satellite TV and radio
  • World-class golf courses
  • Large expatriate community (1 million in Mexico)